The human behind Better Thought Co.


Hey! I'm David King, founder of Better Thought Co. (I'm the one on the left and my gorgeous wife, Madi is on the right).

Better Thought Co. was naturally born, piece-by-piece over four of the hardest years of my life. Through a continuing journey of self-discovery that started with the return of depersonalisation, a dissociative disorder that I developed when I was young and which re-appeared in my life in 2017.

Through those four years, I spoke with many psychologists, researched everything about what I was experiencing and pulled myself out gradually, step-by-step.

I used cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques and breathing exercises to reduce my anxiety to a manageable level. I used exercise and good quality food to balance my mood and manage my depression and I used mindfulness and meditation to essentially eliminate my depersonalisation.

If you're struggling with anxiety or depression right now, know that it will get better. Better Thought Co. tools won't be the single solution - nothing will be. But I hope that our resources can become part of your toolkit, or even just a signpost to help you on your journey to live a life you love. 💜